Business Confidence Index rises 9.1% in Dec 2017: NCAER

13/02/2018 11:28

A survey by economic think tank NCAER has said that Business Confidence Index rose 9.1 per cent in December quarter 2017 over the previous three months as overall sentiment remained buoyant.

According to the survey, the NCAER Business Confidence Index (N-BCI) had declined 12.9 per cent in the September quarter as the economy was still adjusting to the implementation of GST, affecting business sentiment.

"Overall, sentiment regarding production, domestic sales, exports, imports of raw materials, and pre-tax profits remained buoyant in October-December 2017 over July-September 2017," said the survey.

“These improved sentiment were broad-based with all the sectors showing increasing trends for all these components between the two periods. Further, there was a considerable improvement in the situation pertaining to labour employment and wages over the last three months, and expectations about future labour employment and wages were optimistic,” the survey added.