Management Consulting

Business Advisory Management Review: Our Professionals assist in reaching out effective, customized review and evaluation techniques to examine the achievement of desired results, effectiveness of programs, activities and functions, compliance with laws and regulations, and the economy and efficiency with which resources are acquired and used.

Feasibility Assessment: In our feasibility assessment studies, we go beyond the traditional approach and help our clients to access the business opportunity; addressing issues such as how attractive are the market and industry, whether the opportunity offers sustainable advantages over competitive products addressing customer needs and whether capabilities to deliver are available or attainable in the given situation.

Development of SOPs: We provide comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) according to client specifications, industry standards, various regulations etc. Our SOP development process involves the preparation of a development plan, which is agreed with the client prior to initiating interviews with key staff and the development of process maps. SOP to the great extent helps the organisation to get rid of repetitive thought process and achieve greater efficiency.